WELCOME TO OUR COLOMBIAN SOUL, history, art, gastronomy, party, mystery, culture, landscape, vibrant youth.

TUNJA is colonial city of three cultures (Chibcha, Spanish and Mixed) with Heritage Worldwide, Network Sets Monumentals of Colombia. TUNJA is present city that joins modernity, tourism quality, comfort and ahead, the near and social tourism. archeological landmarks, palaces, mansions, churches, convents, form the rich architectural heritage of the city, the result of a rich historical past carried by the cultures that lived together and coexist.

History, art, mysticism, traditions, gastronomy, nature combine to offer visitors an enriching stay in Tunja. The image of the colonial city is formed by its historic center, which in the case of Tunja is more than a symbolic representation, is the monument that explains and configured. In the sixteenth century the city knows its peak, it is the city of mysticism and spirituality, its best exponents are Juan de Castellanos and Josefa del Castillo and Guevara.

The city preserves important manifestations of various artistic styles, from Gothic to Renaissance, Baroque Mudejar through the life and work of settlers from various parts of the Spanish Empire in its golden age. Tunja is a place of festivals and traditions. All product of cultural miscegenation between religious, recreational, spiced by uses and customs of the tunjans syncretic. The visitor who comes to Tunja should make your visit so slow. At different times of day, the light will vary and qualifying the architecture of the city. Its route can follow the route of a thematic route, but it can also be messy, discovering in every street, in every square, a building, a cafe, a cornice, a window, a story, a legend, anything that will invite you to return.

With this door open to the world we invite you to feel a real city, which will not leave you indifferent.


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